It was a normal day in Jamaa. I had just logged on and stayed in the Township for some time. The usual scammers, mate-beggars, item-beggars and party goers were about. The Fman fakes from time to time and getting enraged from being called a fake. There was a male arctic wolf with all black, white narrowed eyes, red splatters that most used as blood. I remember he wore the long fangs, a non rare silver spike, dual samurai swords and a Legendary Glove that was red and black. His tag was golden with a lightning bolt. His tag name was "Lieutenant Toughclaws".


He continued to post this a few times. Now, before I say much more, I'm not one to usually go to parties or fashion shows. Once he did the last calling post, I decided to give this party a try. His den was a castle den, just the regular castle den. You know, the one you can buy for 6,000 gems. It has the draw bridge and there's 3 floors. I think you get the point. I ran inside the den and saw some jammers trading and others flirting (eugh).

Once the owner of the den finally arrived, we were all sent to the den entrance. The jammers ran back to their places and changed up the tone a little bit. They were actually partying. Thank Mira! The den was slightly changed with some food tables, a disco ball, different music, a dj table and some other items. 

Lieutenant Toughclaws sat next to me and did the lovestruck emoticon to me. I did the thinking emoticon just to tell I'm not interested. I don't like to use Animal Jam for dating, it's just dumb. After all, relationships don't last on there from what I've seen. What really surprised me was his reaction.

Lieutenant Toughclaws did the angry emote and then the sword emote. I did the surprised face and headed right to my Sky Den. I didn't want the Little Arcticmoon incident again. However, the wolf followed me. He came right to my den.

"I LOVED YOU AND YOU LEFT ME!", he shouted.

I locked my den, but he never left. I was asking him to leave because I wasn't interested in a relationship. The arctic wolf just stood there for a little bit. I had my animal sit, he was obviously going to say something else. 

"YOU SCREWED UP.", he yelled.

Finally, he left my den. He sent me Jam-A-Grams repeatedly saying "We are a good match!" and a gift. It was always a red version of some animal. A red fox. A red leapord. A red wolf. Whatever you could get from those claw games, but red. 

Finally, my computer got the blue screen and restarted. When I was finally able to use it again, my screen saver was a picture of my arctic wolf from those photo booth stands in Jamaa. Honestly, I was scared. Were all those presents a virus? Just like what Fman did? I got back on AJ. I wanted to deal with this person.

"HEY! DID YOU DO THIS?!", I said to him.


Huh? I was confused. What could he be referring to? What I was also confused about was that it showed that he was a non member....but with an arctic wolf. How was this possible? It couldn't be the Little Arcticmoon incident all over again, could it?

I was logged off of my account. I suddenly heard a loud bang on my door as if somebody kicked it. I mean my bedroom door, actually. It was closed as well. I also SWORE I heard a faint yell from a male outside of my house. Crossing my fingers that my parents would get home soon, that suddenly turned into hours of pure horror and lonelyness. 

10 PM finally rolled around and I was STILL alone. I decided to just go to sleep. I got into my pj's, turned off my TV, plugged in my iPhone and my laptop and turned off my light. I closed my eyes and I fell asleep quickly.

I remember having a really disturbing dream. I was my wolf and I was falling in a never ending darkness with chains locked around each foot. Finally, I stopped falling due to the chains coming to an end. I remember looking around in panic. Finally, Fman came out of nowhere and started to approach me. He just sat there. I woke up.