I saw a non-member wolf being bullied. Someone said: "You'll never get a rare." Lots of jammers looking at him put up the member laughing emotion. I said: "Hey! How would you feel if you were this jammer!" The bulling jammer said: "How WOULD we feel?" And the wolf said: "Thanks." I put up the member smiling emotion. I liked it, what could I say? The wolf was the default color with the default eyes. I traded him my Rare Zany Hat for a necklace. "Thanks! My first rare!" He said. I sent him a buddy request, and surely, he accepted. "Lets go to my den." I suggested, so the Wolf went there. His name was Commander, Commander MagicClaws. I gave him a Rare Leap Year Party Den Item for another necklace. He put on his Zany Hat, he said: "This was going to be the first part of my outfit!" I smiled. I saw a tiger come into Commander's den. His eyes moved backwards. What?? I said. "Uh... Gtg." And logged off. I needed some time to ponder the moving eye mystery. Was AJHQ testing a new button? I went to bed, it was 9:00. I logged on in the morning. After all, it could be my wild imagination. Commander was on, so I went to his den. He had my rare item in it. "Hi!" He said. He must have been working on his den. "Hi." I replied. Then, Commander glitched. He turned black, and put red tufts of animal hair on his fur. "AHHH!" Something seemed to say. I tried clicking the screen to run away, but it wouldn't let me. Copies of Commander filled his den, and they said: "Death is what you deserve." I was confused. I had helped Commander, so why did I deserve this? One said: "You will not be able to log out at this time." I did the sit action, and I stayed put. Would this hurt? It said: "You were gone for to long and got logged out." Good. I felt like quitting. I told my Mom about what happened. But when I opened up my laptop, my lock screen and wallpaper were Commander howling and saying: "You're my victom!" I tried to ignore it, but I couldn't. I quickly rushed onto Animal Jam, just to get away from the pictures. I looked at my account animal. I still had everything, but I looked like Commander! I was scared, if you guessed. Red eyes of Commander appeared on my screen, but then I scream broke out: "It wasn't me!" The voice of Commander, probably. He was on, and he looked normal. "That is A! He affected my computer once, too." Said Commander. I did the surprised emotion. Everything was over, because A was infected by the truth. I sighed a long sigh of happiness. I was relaxed, like I hadn't been in days.