Kids, be careful out there on the web, no matter where it may be. It could be a website, a chatroom, or a game. Sometimes, you'll find bad people wherever you go. You may be thinking, "Watch for predators? I know this already!" I'm talking about the people behind screens who can access you with the click of a mouse. Hackers, they're out there. It's a dangerous world out there, and the web is just a breeding ground for criminals. I still don't trust those dating websites either, stay away from those. I've seen some stuff...

You never know what you can trust, even on a kids game as well.

A kids game? You're probably thinking, "You've gotta be kidding me." But sadly, innocent creations will be infected one way or another. There's just no escaping it! Whatever is created will be destroyed. It's just the truth. What game am I talking about, though?

Animal Jam. Yes, Animal Jam, a silly kids game by National Geographic. It was meant to be a virtural playground for children... but things really went wrong. In all honesty, it should've never been made. What was made to be a simple game where you play games, customize your avatar and such has been the spawn of scammers and the greedy. There's been numerous hackers, and I've seen 'em all, the famous ones including Fman and Mightyjungle. I've been victim to these by my own will. I've toyed with the game, but I really wasn't in for what I thought would be a simple meeting... at first.

I had met this jammer by the username of skyscreamer444, I believe, if he's still out there. I don't know if he completely erased himself from the program's history or removed his data, but we'll call him Sky. He was surprisingly mature, unlike most players. He said he'd heard about me through a little "Animal Jam crime community" one of my friends started, but he hasn't played the game after getting banned for it. Sky was pretty nice, and he thought I was cool. I admit that I was a long-time scammer, and it'd been a while since I've done it. Well, he said he'd give me some real-life money if I got him a rare headdress. He said he only needed me for that, and I thought it'd be a little casual trade. Sky said he'd be able to lure jammers in and hack them with it, so I went ahead and carried out my job. Sky traded me a glitched headdress to use as "jammer bait." Sounds like I was gonna go catch a monster or something.

I found this one super-rare jammer by a username that was hard to remember, but it consisted of a bunch of numbers in a random order. She seemed to be pretty young, around eleven or twelve in my opinion. This kid was eager to get that headdress that I had, fussing at me when her items weren't good enough. I told her if she traded me her rare headdress for a necklace, I'd send it over. Well, she did. I said that I wouldn't give her it, and I went back to Sky's den. Note that he was a pretty dang rich member at this time, so his den was pretty big. A little too big for my liking... but whatever, not my deal.

I gave him the headdress, and he thanked me. I asked him if he'd give me the money via the web, and he said I'd have to get him a black spiked collar. I did, and he kept tasking me with scamming rare items from curious children. Soon, I grew tired. He was using me. I demanded for Sky to pay up before I gave him a green spiked wristband.

"Give it over," I remember him saying. I said no, and he replied, "You're useless. Get out of my sight."

Ooooh boy, here comes the bad part.

My screen went black, not just the Animal Jam play screen, but the whole computer screen. It wasn't turned off, since the power button was still glowing. It faded to a snowy looking area, but it was the whole screen that was covered now. No log out button, no exit. I was tempted to turn off my PC, but no. Maybe it's because I was pretty lazy at that moment or I was just curious... Probably both. Also, note that I was pretty broke right then. Or maybe... Never mind.

I ended up moving my rabbit down a dirt path. In the snow, items were littered all over the place- rares, betas, and some leaked and unreleased accessories. Nothin' creepy about that? Boy, are you WRONG. This guy made this place and apparently added red juice in the snow. Wait... no... that's blood? Seriously, out of all things, why blood? I think that's kinda cliche, but I'm not gonna question it. Okay, back to the topic...

I walked into a cave. The screen was black for a few seconds until the scenery began to show. There was a dirty pathway that went on for a while... Maybe a few minutes? After about five, I saw a few little red dots. Oh come on, why blood though? I paused for a second and went on. A few red streaks and puddles began to appear, inside and outside the trail.

Soon, bones began to come into my view. Apparently you could go over and pick up some of the skulls and bits of fur too! Odd enough, you could wear them. I changed to my wolf and tried to make the edgiest look I could with these new accessories. And it looked UGLY... I was bored, and had nothing else to do, anyway. I proclaimed myself as "Sir Edgelord" to nobody in particular and went on down the trail.

If you need a visualization, imagine Reaper from Overwatch but with more blood and a realistic skull, but from a dog, as a wolf. Back to the point, though, before I get off topic... Hot Topic. Okay, sorry, I couldn't help it.

Eventually I ended up by a red pool of water, sort of like the hot spring area or something like that in Mt. Shiveer in the NORMAL game. There were white and gray crystals sprouting out of the rock around it, but there were red streaks marking the sides of them. I walked around it only to be met with a huge crystal statue of a two-headed wolf, blood running down its crystal chin, the red painting its teeth and jaws. Eugh, did Sky try to scare me with this or something? I've gotta admit that it looked a bit realistic, not like the normal style of Animal Jam. I could see lines that I guess represented fur. The statue looked like it was 3-D modeled, which was a bit unsettling.

I walked under it only to be in another snowy field, but tombstones were poking out of the ground. They had names that I recognized in the little crime community for this stupid game. Blood had soaked into the ground around the tombstones and dripped off them slowly, flowing into small holes in the snow. In the background, a faint buzzing noise could be heard through my headphones. Progressively, it got louder as I walked through the bloody graveyard, bones poking out of the ground in front of the stones. My head began to throb, but a sense made me keep the device covering my ears on...

Sky was there.

"What did you do?" I typed in. He stood there in silence. "What did you do???" I asked again.

"I wasn't gonna pay you anyway," he said. "Are you broke or something?" I was really just looking for a way to earn some quick bucks. Because why not? I've got a lot of things I've looked forward to buying.

"I made this place to discard people like you," he said. "People like you who are dumb enough to trust me."

"What do I have to do, fight you?" I typed.


I was pulled into a fighting game in the same style as Animal Jam's games. Basically, two avatars were spawned in a random location in a forest-like scenery. If the two of you found each other, a few questions would pop up. This was basically a knowledge test, but the questions were very difficult. The more answers you got right gave you extra damage points that would add on to the other player's damage bar. If you lose, you basically lost your whole account.

I lost.

My animal collapsed to the ground when the game closed, an animation that didn't exist. Sky walked over, and a video box came up, blocking out the two animals. It was a cutscene of the two, my wolf laying in the snow, Sky changing into a lion. It was pretty realistic in my opinion. The lion let out a mighty roar, and I threw my headphones down. God, was it loud! Sky's lion raised a paw, claws unsheathing quickly.

It slammed down on my wolf's head, claws raking down its face. The wolf looked like it was howling in pain, squirming in the snow. Blood leaked out of the wounds and soaked into the snow that was now red. Flesh was being torn, fur pulled from the skin, muscle being stretched and ripped. I squinted at the sight, rushing to unplug my PC. My arm caught on the headphone plug, and I heard a low voice through my PC.


My PC shut off. I can't seem to really get it to work, but when it comes on, it's pumped with viruses. I should stay away from Animal Jam, and my account's dead anyway.


SORRY THIS IS RUSHED its 2:54 in the morning right now and my computer battery is low. I also felt like adding some humor here :')))

YEAH :'''') thanks for reading