This story contains violence and a little bit of swearing.

Chapter 1

You know about Aj, that one kids game? Well, as people know, the beta times had items that are now worth a lot. But what they don't know of are the constant bugs, And no, I'm not just talking about the annoying "Login World Error", but bugs that would cause your animal to glitch into walls, glitches that froze the game, and more. As for this glitch though... It was something... Different...

Chapter 2

So as a small child, age 10 I think, I went on my Aj as usual. It did take a couple tries due to the Login World Error, but nothing out of the ordinary. I went with my friends to go to a new place that was recently added named "Coral Canyons". I know that people today still try to break the bridge there, despite it not working, but the beta days allowed you to break it. It would cue this comedic animation where the animal would float a bit, wave at the screen, fall, and then become a splatter of the color of the animal was on the floor. It was nothing graphic, but soon after, AJHQ got rid of it cause it was deemed "Too violent".

Chapter 3

So my friends and I wanted to do that for fun, and while it did break, something was wrong. When the bridge broke, my screen had a black floor.

"Is it a hole, or a glitch?", I mumbled to myself, quite nervous.

I noticed that my animal fell through the floor, and it went to a load screen. The load screen was just blank, and the globe had no color to it. It finally loaded, and I saw the skeletons of Tigers, Wolves, Bunnies, Monkeys, Koalas, and Pandas. It was a little disturbing, but I went along with it. When I moved my mouse over one of the skeletons, it would say:

"Debug_Animal.Png". I figured out soon that my animal was a skeleton, which looked really cool. I decided to take a screenshot and post it online for all to see. I logged out and went to bed for the night.

Chapter 4

I woke up the next morning and went on Aj. Everything went as normal, until I went to my items. A message came up that said:

"Would you like the be rare, but face consequences, or not be rare and take down your image?"

I clicked a button that said "Rare". That was a big mistake on my part. It seemed fine at first, I got access to items that weren't implemented into the game yet, which was great. But when I went to go see my friends list, There were no friends online, or on it at all, the only thing that was there was text that said:

"Nobody Can Hear You Scream."

I noticed a little button that cued audio. It was very quiet at first, so I turned my volume up. I could hear a whisper that said the same thing that the friend list said. But then it abruptly turned to loud static, which made throw my headphones off quickly.

"jeez, this turned into a hellish nightmare...", I thought.

Chapter 5

In this land, nobody was around to admire how rare I was, and It was driving me mad. I went up to the bridge in coral canyons, and This time, The bridge crumbled as soon my animal stepped a paw on it. I fell into a hole, but before I fell completely, A load screen loaded. On it this time, was a message, that said


I was really anxious about what was at the bottom of the tunnel, and when the loading screen was over, it showed my animal plunging down into a pit of spikes, It was extremely graphic, as you could see the entrails everywhere, and multiple rotting animal corpses on the other spikes. I screamed at the images I saw, but I had no mouth.

I have no mouth, and I must scream.