It all happened on that evening. On the 3rd of September. A new game, Animal jam was. But the older jammers players will never admit it, will never speak of it. Of that one evening...

It started off as a completely ordinary morning. People starting to log on to play with friends and chat. Everyone knew everybody else. A very tight-knit community. The trading and the laughter the same as every day in this peaceful paradise. When suddenly, a jet black wolf with no username and no eyes came on. The other jammers were confused. "He's odd isn't he?" they whispered. "Never seen him before". Then, a seal walked up to him and gasped. "Where are his eyes?!".

The muttering stopped abruptly as a collective gasp rose from the onlookers. The black wolf said nothing except send the seal a jam-a-gram. The seal, named Pinkydragon330, opened said jam-a-gram. She has not been seen or sighted since that day. The others started panicking but one unfortunate arctic wolf tried to report him. His whole computer crashed and when he managed to get into it again, there was the image of a jet black wolf with no eyes. Underneath the horrid image was written "What was once lost, has been found. What was till now forgotten, will be remembered. I am the Forgotten, the lost, the found."

The few jammers who managed to flee with their accounts vowed to never, ever speak of that night ever again. They vowed, "Till death do we speak."

PixelTheDragon,  Please comment if you enjoyed and I'll write the rest :P.

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