Do you remember the night of the server that was briefly called "Restrained"? It was only there briefly, so I doubt any of you reading this will happen to be one who experienced this. If you are one who witnessed this, you don't need to read any further.

Now, take a look at what the server was called. "Restrained". Weird name, right? For those of you who don't know, it also means "Unable to escape". Held back, I think you get it.

Seeing as this was a new server and all, I was happy to give it a try. It was very noticeable that this wasn't the same Jamaa we know and love. This version was called "Yekhrib betak". I later managed to get a translation. Needless to say, I was shocked when I got my results. It means "Damn you". This in a kids game? I don't think so.

Everything in Yekhrib Betak was different. There was no Jamaa store, no Mt. Shiveer, no advetures or parties, nothing that is our usual Animal Jam we know. The music was very different. The only thing I found close enough to what it is is the following link. . It's called "Blood Eagle". The only jammers in this place were me, 2 rabbits, a giraffe and there was a tiger as well. I'm serious. That's all who was there.

The animals happened to stay the same. However, we all had restricted chat. The actions were the following: Gaze, sit, shake in fear, pray (pray as in what you do in a church) and rawr. I didn't bother with any of these, I was more interested in what this place had to offer. 

I remember there being only 4 destinations you were able to choose, including Yekhrib betak. There was also a spinoff of Mt. Shiveer called "Polar Gelid". Going to the destination Polar Geild, I took a look around. This place was completely covered in snow. There was another level with some sort of sled game. The problem was, you had to pay to play the games. I didn't have any cash on me, so I just continued to look around. There was a small stand that had clothes for the weather in Polar Geild. There was some boots, an arctic jacket and a scarf....ripped right from the original Animal Jam. There was also the same ice patch in the center of the destination, but there were no caution signs about. When I moved my arctic wolf onto the ice, it cracked immediatly. I got off right away. Looking around a little more, I only noticed that the last item was a den shop. However, there were no dens you could select.

The next destionation took on more of an Egyptian theme. It was all sand with pyramids in the background that weren't able to be reached. The sun was high in the sky rising over the pyramids and some camels in the distance as well. There was one building you could enter here. It was a store with all of these cool Ancient Egypt styled items. There were scrolls, King Tut's tomb, frames with ancient egyptian rulers, vases, little bobble head camels and finally there was a set of potions. Sadly, I reminded myself I couldn't purchase anything. I left the store and wandered around in this destionation. Nothing else to see here.

Decided to skip the last destionation for now, I went back to Yekhrib Betak. Only one rabbit remained there in a sitting position. I tried having a conversation with this rabbit, but he never answered. Must've been on brb mode. 

Going south in Yekhrib Betak, I reached the art studio that you usually come across in the Coral Canyons on a regular server. Making my way towards the art studio, I reached the door and nearly thought I was stuck on an infinite load. I was afraid of having to refresh. 

When suddenly, I was met with a box that said: "This place is either not available at the time, or is experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later!". 

Going away from the building, I went to go check out more of this new server. I decided I would go try out the last destination. This one was a little similar to the Adventure Base Camp. Instead of Phantoms, they had what was called an "Alva". It was a thing that floated. It had 3 to 4 eyes of different colors. They didn't have a gender, they didn't make any sounds and hardly moved. These creatures were very slow. If you got spotted, it wasn't long until they would turn around and go back to their original place.

It wasn't long until I was bored of this place. Deciding to get out of whatever this was. (I considered it some illegal ripoff of Animal Jam). I opened the settings bar and went into the menu to select a different server to go to. I didn't like this version at all. It was so quiet and...dull. 

Selecting the Cascade server, I got another box pop up. It said in all caps "ESCAPE IS FUTILE!". The box faded away and it was night time where my animal was. The bunny I saw earlier wasn't able to be found. I tried going back and forth between destinations to hopefully find some other jammer who was active, but I found none. Was I alone? I have no idea. 

I decided to go back to Polar Gelid. When I arrived, the small store holding the clothes was scattered across the ground. The music was still playing, it was all the same. All the same except for the fallen store. However, there seemed to be wind in this place. The fur on my animal was slightly blowing and there was some wind animations. 

Just as I reached for my mouse to move more, my computer froze up and I got a white screen within the game. It had a small gray triangle with the ! in the middle of it. I refreshed, only to be brought back to Jamaa.