My seal ran as fast as thunder trying to outrun the beast.

"I cant run any longer I'll have to swim" Lucky yelled while running over to the corpse's unfortunate place on the ground. The scarlet red ground led to Coral Canyons and then to the Coral Canyons pathway to Crystal Sands. My seal ran and jumped into the crimson water of Bahari Bay, turning a run into a swim..

Chapter 1

The Begining

I logged on to animal jam same as normal with out noticing animal's corpse.

"Oh, a new update" I said to my self since I was alone. I read the news paper in bloody dripping writing said: "Head to a shelter AND RUN...."

"Um....This isn't Halloween or Autumn " My seal typed automatically "Cool" I thought to myself. Then I heard a faint roar there was a distant trail of ruby red blood and screams of animals.

A cheetah ran past screaming "FOLLOW ME TO LIVE" My seal automatically ran after the cheetah who had led me to a shelter.

"What's your name...? Mine's Lucky" My seal said faintly.

"Speedy, mines Speedy" the cheetah said to Lucky.

Chapter 2

Into the bunker

Chapter Two

Into the Bunker

Speedy and Lucky slowly walked into a shelter.

"Is this the nuclear apocolypse?" I asked myself.

There was a playful linx in the room named Mabel "Hi I'm Mabel and I like maple syrup and I'M SO EXCITED FOR NEW SURIVO-" Mabel said playfully.

"Hi Mabel, I'm Lucky" I said. A lynx with a grey pattern whites underbelly with a black flame pattern came in "Hi i'm Dipper. Mabel and I are twins" Dipper dipped his head respectfully.

"Mabel, Dipper, go back into the bunker okay?" Speedy demanded.

"YES SIR!" They said playfully while they trotted back while Mabel's hot pink and brown underbelly shined like a shooting star.

"Come on, Lucky." Speedy said while walking away while my seal followed into the dark rusty hideout.

Chapter Three

Old Experiments, New Friends

"Mablel, Dipper, Lucky, and I will be exploring Jamaa scientists ands Engineers OKAY?!"

"OK." The twins replied.

Speedy and I came out of the shelter with maces and armor, and we slowly walked to the dense labatory entering a small lab called: LAB 79. The lights started to flicker as we walked through the dense and dim lab.

"STOP right there or I will attack" The unknown creature said. "My names is Septic" Septic greeted them as the lights flickered off.

"Umm can you helps us out " Lucky wispered frailly.

"Sure, follow me" said Septic.

Chapter Four

Survival, a Chapter of Questions

Walking past the baron labs 68,67,66,65,46.

"FROST,I'm glad your ok" Septic said in suprise.

"Septic have you seen 47?" Frost curiously barked "AND YOU BROUGHT VISTIORS! I'm Frost, half robotic half wolf".

"Hi frost the cheetah next to me is Speedy and I'm Lucky. " Lucky said.

"No, I haven't " with a worried look in Septic's eyes. "I'm a nervous wreck."

"Quick question. What's experiment47 and should you like to join our shelter?"

Chapter five

New Helpers.... and a Backstory

"Quick question. What's experiment47 and should you like to join our shelter?"lucky asked curiously.

"YEES" frost barked in excitement.

"Okay," Septic said with a worried in his tone we started to walk past. "there was a lab called LAB:47 a screen said:DANGER DANGER LOCKDOWN EXPERIEMNT 47 ESCAPED LOCKDOWN! texperiment47...We grew up with her....She was a fellow experiment some how the mysteries of tourists disapearing was to be her food... She hypnotised them like a snake to come in her mouth she released her mouth teeth aka: the sharp teeth and EAT THEM! One day she came free and escaped she tried to help us escape but the lockdown alarm souned she foribied the mission and then..... jammers went missing....."

"We can maybe help her......." Frost replied while we exited. Speedy Septic, and Frost went to find some food, and I explored the lab. When I found some wepons I held them... While a misty snow leopard pale like a ghost, an underbelly lightest blue, baby blue eyes and leopard print, pale tuff at bottom of each paw and baby blue claws that were sharper then a knife, GAZZELS FRITING AS A GHOST.

"You can run....... But you cant hide....." A devilish grin on the snow leopards face screaming

"I'm experiment 47" She said while Lucky ran outside...Lucky ran as fast as thunder trying to outrun the beast....

"I cant run any longer I'll have to swim" Lucky yelled while running over the corpses of unfortunate animals the ground. The scarlet red ground led to Coral Canyons to the Coral Canyons pathway to Crystal Sands, My seal ran and jumped into the crimson water of Bahari Bay turning a run into a swim. Expirement 47 gave up and I ran back with a sword lucky ran to the shelter.

Chapter Six

DEAD End...

I raced to the shelter running suddenly the BEAST THE, EXPERIEMENT.....EXPERIEMENT47 I ran up as I could.


"Lucky get back to the shelter and protect Mabel and Dipper... "

"I WILL" Lucky said proudly while Speedy fought the beast... TEARED LIMB BY LIMB BLOOD, SPOSHED, bones everywere....

Chapter Seven


while walking back to the shelter she found a fox…. called star lucky didn't understand who would work for the horrid BEAST… "um.. hi" the mysterious fox asked 'hi I'm lucky" lucky replied "I'm star hehe i better let you go ba-" "WOAH WOAH WOAH. why ARENT YOU IN A SHEALTER" lucky yelled "I'm a alone fox i better let you go.." "ok " lucky said while running from star "hehehe that stupid seal….. SHE DOSENT KNOW TRUST NO-ONE I HAVE TO TELL BOSS" star growled gently while she ran through the corspes…… of insent animals…… "boss, i found a seal thats stupid enough to trust anyone." "mmmmm ok…. thanks for letting me know….. SEALS ARE WEAK! here have this rabbit "she said while finishing the liza…. the panda alpha. she threw the fresh killed peck the alpha she went into her cave and slept while star caring her food.

Chapter Eight

Lone wolf....

I whiel i was running to the shelter i saw a pink wolf..... A lone wolf..... Prakticing her melee combat on tree "Ay I'm lucky" i yowled at her "Looking for a shealter" she jumped and dropped her sword and faced me she said "DONT DO THAT I WILL HARM YOU IMMA LONE WOLF YA SEE?! BUT WE CAN BE ALLIES OK? ONLY ON ONE CONDITION" she howled back "whats the deal?" i replied take my steps cautously, "Its a chance to try a fruit i found..." Then all of a sudden a black wolf grabbed the fruit... A faint trail of a phantom's pattern followed it... "Its looks like its coming from the hive eh?" i said quietly you see i know my adventure very well.. we decided to not follow it untill dipper and mabel ran after it.. i follwed them on what i could see in the smoky distance a two corps both lynx after i figured out the wolf was extremly dangerious i saw a shadow from teh distance comign close to me... a fox and a wolf talking "Yes i have a seal... anyways where's the fruit you promised.. STAR!" The phantom wolf said frocoiusly "here take it i have the corspes i need anyway boss will be pleased.." she calcked while handing the fruit to wolf she put the corspe in bag and ran off then all fo teh sudden the smoke got away i run back to the shealter follwoing the fainty purple coloured trail..

Chapter Nine

cat got your tongue?

As I walk back to the shelter I see a few cats,A snow leopard called vortex approaches me and asks if she can leave this lonley depressing camp with us i tell her yes and she follows me quietly into the shelter she tells me weakness of experiments as a tourist she knows a lot about the experiments as we enter the bunker something is watching us....

Chapter Ten

prepare for battle

As we walked back i said we needed some weapons and i decided to go the lab i have no idea why as i enter the gory hallways of the lab as i walked past i saw dead snow leopard and staff members as they tried to escape they experiments innocent experiments lucky having her guard up see a half robotic bunny pleading for an apogily "please please please forgive me with a fish on top" the bunny asked "yes you can only on one condition help me find a few weapons please" lucky replied "ok follow me" time passes vastly they managed to collect a lot of loot five healing items ,ten pieces of special armour, four arrows, one bow, five guns and a five swords "thanks you so much bunny apology accepted" my seal said gently as they approached the a special chest which would follow you around "thank you thank you but alas, i must stay" said they bunny "well i must be going" my seal replied sadly… "i'll take you to the exit" the bunny said while there where going to the exit as the sun went down vortex and lucky were prepared to have a battle soon while giving the fellow survivors some armour and weapons each…..

Chapter 12


as we prepared for a great battle battle we see other experiments and other who are loner this is it the "FINAL FIGHT FOR VENGANCE"lucky said encouraging "TONIGHT WE FIGHT FOR JAMAA!, those who died in this great battle shall be remembered and honoured" "GUAHH SHADOW STAR! WE NEED TO FIGH FOR OUR LIFE AND FREEDOM TRAIN NOW OR DIE IN BATTLE" experiment 47 growled anxiously at star and shadow "y-y- yes ma - ma am" the to henchmen said while whimpering as the good animal and experiments raided the base a gory demismense groups of four, three and five fare working peacefully while the others.. where on healing and armoury duty outside lucky raced in the gory demesne racing after experiment 47

Chapter 13

Confession Time

lucky holding her lighting trident experiment 47… scared for her life, the gory bones of the main alphas Greedly, Peck, Cosmo, Graham, Sir gilbert, and Liza in a pile reminding luck of her fate if she fails lucky holding a trident threnting key hears a tripping sound as experiment 47 starlings to fall down into the cave.. dim light , grim cave lucky racing after the horrid beast lucky holding a trident at her neck ready to strike "any last words" lucky growled aggressively "y-y-yes, i just w-w-want to let you know…. Speedy wasn't the good guy he was a worker at the lab he was a guard he was in charge of me he said i'll give me friend after the experiment but he didn't i got VENGANCE BETTER THE FREEDOM!" she shouted whimpering "i don't believe you" lucky said while throughing a blinding potion other experiments sorrowful eyes and throwing in a cage with spelling gas she told her to the highest ions sprayed poison in the cave and incasing experiment 47 never to be seen again…. "we did it" vortex should while seeing luck coming down "hooray" everyone shouted -5 years later-

The new alphas…. Vortex, Septic, Frost, Pancakes, little, and Lucky….



The new alphas are fighting crime and phantoms

The experiments are living freely thanks to a new law

star and frost has been sent to a 1000 years in jail they may not be released

The surviors and loner experiments are helping to rebuild jamaa

Experiment 47 may never be seen again

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