I hadn't been on Animal Jam for a long time, so I decided to take a peek about anything new in the game. After logging on, I went to Jamma Township as my wolf. Strolling around, I could see that everything was the same. The typical jammers, the mate beggars, the scammers, traders, just the normal day. I went to the diamond shop and bought a pig. The pig was rather pudgy and cute, so I quite enjoyed it. After some more random frolicking as my pig, I decided to recycle mh wolf, 'Sunny Quietwolf'.  Even though his first name is 'Sunny', I like to call him 'Quiet'. My internet began to slow down a little.

I sighed as the game froze. You see, most games, even online ones (like AJ), weren't very compatible with my computer. Before I could click 'refresh', the game unfroze. All of the sudden, everything began going in reverse oh so slowly. I watched rather intently as my pig slowly walked backwards, unbought itself, with the wolf appearing in its place. I, being rather attached to the now-nonexistent pig, rebought it. This time, the pig began to badly pixelate itself until it was a blob of big blurry pink dots. The dots, one by one, vanished, my wolf taking its place. It had... pig legs rather than the normal skimpy wolf legs, so it was a little freaky. I refreshed the page.

This time, when I logged on, my wolf was all black with the "error" triangle for a face. I slammed the screen shut, turned around, and walked out of the room. For some reason. I felt as if my brain was melting.

A couple days later, my friend called me to go onto AJ to hang out with her. When I got on, a shock welcomed me. My pig was back in its place as if nothing had happened. I went to my friend's den. After trading and talking, I noticed that my pig, once again, slowly began to turn into a wolf. At one point, the thing had a furry wolf body, pig head, and random tufts of rainbow fur sticking up.  Then, it turned into the perfectly normal wolf.

My friend had noticed this, so she was completely freaking out.  I tried explaining it to her, but at one point, she told me that she had reported me for 'strange behavior'.  I puffed.  At least I got my diamonds back.  Then she asked me why I have a Cami's Frog and then said that I definetly hacked/scammed for it.  Now I swear, I traded fairly for it.  I traded my rare purple bow, beta fox plushie, rare antler, rare headphones, and basicly filled all 20 item slots with rares and betas, and here is this person claiming that I hacked it.  I got pretty fed up with her because I kept trying to explain. so I did the angry emoji and the hopping animation.

Suddenly, the game froze, so I refreshed it.  When I saw the homepage, my wolf was hopping with the angry emoji in the middle of the screen, carrying the 'Play Now!!' sign in its mouth.  By that point, I totally freaked out and shut down my computer.  Then I ran to my bed, jumped on it, and hugged my pillow.  I was just really panicked.  Finally, I managed to calm down and realize that the best thing to do is to tell one of my parents, so I creeped downstairs.  However, my dad was already working on yelling at the phone.  Checking on my mom, she was doing the exact same thing, so I decided to try open up my computer.

After very cautiously managing to open up my computer, trying to ignore my angry parents, and getting myself a big cup of hot chocolate, I typed in my username and password.  Everything seemed to be normal, but it always seems fine before something messed up happens.  I braced myself by taking a big sip of hot chocolate.  The game finally loaded.

I choked on my drink, foamy ​super hot chocolate dribbling down my chin, splashing on my expensive computer, spilling onto my brand new clothes.  Sunny Quietwolf's face was staring directly the screen, at me, chuckling and grinning and baring its teeth.  His head was tilted in an almost perfect 90 degree angle from his neck, and his teeth were bloody and stained.  I stood up, accidently knocking over the hot chocolate mug.  More brown liquid spewed onto the computer.  I shuffled back.  My computer was shuddering, spitting out sparks and smoke, the screen rapidly flashing words.

I began to spin around, to make a bolt out of the room, when heavy paws decended onto my shoulders.  Claws dug into my flesh, and all of the sudden, the brown chocolate turned bright red.  The room seemed to glow red, my vision twisting and twirling, hot bloody chocolate dripping from my mug, flying out of the computer, and from my shoulders.  I felt my feet slip on the sour-smelling liquid when my head hit the floor.

I looked up, seeing an angry Sunny Quietwolf sucking on white bones.  He approached me with a menacing glint in his eyes as my computer lept from my desk next to me, landing with a crash.

Knock knock. ​ I snapped my head up just as my mom entered through the door.  She took a look around my room. ​ Hot chocolate everywhere, a shattered mug, and in the middle of it all, a chocolate covered me with a broken, mangled, expensive computer.  There is no need to say about what happened with her and I.

After my mom finished the lecture, grounded me for three months, and made me take a job, she walked out of my messy room.  She handed me rubber gloves and a plastic bag to clean up the computer, with a lot of paper towels to dry up the chocolate.  On, and a broom.  I sighed, numb.  After fumbling around with the gloves, I was about to pick up the broken computer when it exploded in a blast of dark smoke.

  After coughing and some more fumbling around, I managed to find a bed post to lean on.  I closed my eyes until I was sure the ashes had set.  I opened my eyes.  The edges of the room were on fire, while the chocolate stained napkins withered and distintegrated  There, in the middle of a star-shaped ash pile, was of course, Sunny.  He was as skinny and as awkward as all the AJ wolves were, with their oversized paws and too-long snouts, but he was carrying the 'Play Now!' sign in his paws and a... piggy in his jaws.

Before I could move, he put down the sign.  Standing clumsily on his two hind legs, he towered over me.  Quiet raised a paw and counted on his stubby 'fingers'.  "This is an age-old nursery ryme."

"This little piggy went to the market."

"This little piggy stayed home."

"This little piggy had roast beef."

"This little piggy had none."

"This little piggy went 'wee, wee, wee,' all the way home." 

"And this little piggy..."  He glanced towards a skull... "Never made it at all."

I began to run, but it was too late.  I tripped on a bone, falling into the sharp remains of my mug.  Fire licked at my face, crackling happily.  I felt a paw press into my back, limiting the air passing into me.  Almost instantly I began to cry.  Those salty tears burned at my cuts and scrapes, making me cry harder.

"Don't cry," Quiet whispered.  "Soon you'll join your piggy friend.  If you're willing to abandon me for him, then..."  His voice trailed off.

I woke up.

Everything was fine.

My computer was not damaged.

My spilled hot chocolate never existed.

I logged onto AJ.  I bought a pig.  I recycled my wolf.  My mind felt numb.  I couldn't think properly.  I just needed to restore what I had lost.

The music began playing in reverse.

My head hurt. 

Claws in my skin.

Blood pounding in my head.





...what lesson??


...what lesson... chocolate...

...angry parents...



.......glitched game.........


......this can't... can't end here!!

...This ending is not satisfying!!

I won't...

I will not...


(bad ending??)