I'm Christine, I joined the Animal Jam population in 2011, or at least, my first account did. Let me explain. A handful of my "buddies" were beta. That was the one and only reason I buddied them. On AJ, my first account was called, PeachTree123. I wanted their betas, so I hacked into their account while they were offline, and took their rares and betas. I had a storage account I sent them to, AppleTree123 was it's user. I would also remove all their buddies, including me, so I didn't seem suspicious. I also didn't wanna clutter my buddy list with hacked accounts with changed passwords that were linked to my email. I was apparently figured out, so my main was banned forever, not my storage though, as they had different emails so my mom wouldn't figure me out, it was on my two email accounts anyways. I got my storage a member and acted like a normal account on there. on a new email, I made RainbowsOfJoy333 in 2012, so I befriended beta and/or rare people on that account to hack them. I continued sending their rares and betas to my AppleTree123 account and continued acting like I was gifted them out of pure kindness or that they quit. I became a good actress out of that. Later on, despite being an introvert, I joined the theater club at my school and found out they had a bunch of members that had betas and rares on AJ, so I began hacking them too. I ended up pretending I had no AJ account so they wouldn't get suspicious of me. One of them figured it out, but they told him off, saying, "She's no liar! She's truthful!" and I got off scotch-free. Truth is, I kept some secrets, putting my actress skills to good use. One of these secrets was, I killed a little girl my middle school once, after this, during the funeral I snuck into the girl's house and hacked her AJ, this was during 2011 and I was only 8th grade at the time. I loved my betas and rares, I once got a fox hat too after it went out of stores. then I got an unreleased item, more recently. after I got banned from my 2012 account, I made a new one in 2014, then that got banned a month later because I got reported, but only for a week. So then after that it was banned forever in 2016, I made 4 accounts in 2016, all of them getting lost some way or another, one was banned forever. I lost the password to the other 3, they're still "active" but I can't get on them. so the 7th or so account I had to make, which I made this year, 2017, was named, "Nekokatgirl123", the 123 a tribute to my first account. I used a wolf on it for a while then got membership, so I got a cheetah and mainly used that, never forgetting about my wolf.

Chapter 1: How it all started

Regarding my most recent account, I got more cat animals. I guess I liked that account, because I like cats, and I also was a weaboo. I started collecting rare plushies soon after. I didn't have a ton of den items on my AppleTree account, so it kind of benefited my den item count. I say kind of because one plushie disappeared and then ALL of my den items! Where? My main. I sent it back, but I didn't get the jag for all of them. I noticed I was missing a few plushies, they were still on my main, for some reason. I sent them too, but the one plushie that stayed was the one that mysteriously dissapeared first. It was strange to me, that one was my new "unreleased" one, too. I waited a while. It was a small toucan plushie, which was strange enough because I don't remember there being any small toucan plushies in the game, but it had a mysterious vibe and color scheme and it had items that weren't in the game, not even a real rare or beta, it was a magenta, magenta like a magenta RARE, ornament hanging out of it's beak. Yes, ornaments were in the game, but not as a clothing item, at least, I don't remember it being a clothing item.

Okay, this is W.I.P so uhh...