Now is the day where I deactivate my account.

I log onto Animal Jam for the last time. I plan to donate all my gems to the conservation museum, or somehow find a way to give them to my friends, like what I'm doing with my items. My animals?? I think they probably deserve a life of happiness. Maybe I won't deactivate my account. You know what?? I might give it to my friend.

Actually, no. I won't because they already have an account and I don't want to pay for membership I'm not using myself.

I look at my animals, carefully dressing them to match their main outfit and at the same time bid them farewell. I drag my mouse over to the 'Recycle' bin. Yeah, the 'Recycle' bin is just a nicer way to say 'Delete' because your animal doesn't really get recycled. It doesn't get used by someone else. It just gets put in the AJ void, lost forever. My wolf and I have been through a lot together.

Before I could click it, a message popped up on my screen.

"Are you still there?? Click OK to continue playing."

The message then glitches into "Arre U stilll the re ? .? Cli ckOK to c c c ontinu e play.png

I was especially confused by the last part, "play.png". The 'OK' button was replaced with an 'error!!' triangle. I began to breathe heavily. what was I supposed to click?? Finally, I clicked on play.png. It brought me to a disturbing screenshot of my main animal, a black wolf with antlers and rusty red eyes. It looked, wide-eyed, at the 'recycle' bin. The edges were slathered in blood, with frail, crooked animal limbs poking out of it.

A word flashed on the screen.


All of a sudden, I was brought to my wolf. It was making puppy-eyes, holding a horse coin, heads side up. Underneath it, in fine print, it said "if it matches..."

A message popped up.

"Are you sure you want to recycle this animal?"

There was a coin underneath it. It said 'CLICK ME!!'. I clicked it. The coin spun.


A knife was slashed through my wolf's neck. No blood. Just a falling head.

Another message popped up.

"You were gone for too long and got logged out!!"

(to be honest I'd rate this a 4/10)