AJHQ members...everywhere. Screaming, running in the building. Running through files to find an error similar to this tragedy. The number of Jammers decline ever so a person...they don't know. Males and Females of AJHQ getting on several computers to try and see what's causing this issue.

The main AJ monitor, and every AJ player...the words on the screen flash "I'M BACK". Who? No no, not F.M.A.N. It's not him and that's a certainty. They can't trace what's doing it. Jammer's are losing all of their equipment.

Jammer's can't type normally, their words come out differently than they intended. So many are disappearing WITH the servers. AJHQ helplessly watch as the numbers go down...

10,000,000....4,000,000....600,000....and ever so slightly increase with Jammers who don't know what they're in for....

Accounts are being taken and controlled by this...person. The screens in front of the HQ members are turning into a blue screen, the error kind. It doesn't run a doesn't run anything. It runs...a conversation.

"Hello. :)" the mysterious person types.

Several HQ members surround the screen. How on Earth is this happening? Should somebody reply.

Stacy, a woman who has worked at AJ HQ for about 4 years reaches in and replies.

"Hello? Who is this?" she types back.

Before she hit enter, the screen said something.

"I am the being inside the screens." it says.

Stacy deletes everything she has typed.

"How did you know what I was going to say?" she types to the screen.

Just seconds before she hits enter, it said "Because, I can see everything." the being says.

The numbers are still dramatically decreasing and slightly increasing with Jammers. Some of the locations were being deleted! Crystal Sands no longer existed, and Kimbara no longer existed on the maps. Items were disappearing with locations and the stores.

It wasn't long Jamaa was only a black floating land with a few artifacts left. Every last Jammer disappeared from the monitors. All items gone with them.

"It was a real shame, I really enjoyed this game as a child," the screen says.

"We're getting the authorities involved." Stacy replies.

"Oh! Go right ahead! It'll be fun watching you all helplessly go on a wild goose chase to find somebody who can't be tracked. It'll be quite a show. Probably the best entertainment I've had in YEARS...." the screen says.

Stacy pulls away from the keyboard. AJHQ members are exchanging glances at each other, all worried. Stacy picks up the phone and dials the police. Just before she presses the call button to confirm her decision, something terrible happens. The screen that shows Animal Jam is no longer existing. ERROR 404, cannot be found. People start pulling up to computers and pulling out laptops. They all start trying to get on AJ....only to be brought to the same error message.

"ThAnKs FoR pLaYiNg WiTh Me OnE lAsT tImE, aJhQ. It HaS bEeN a BlAsT aLl ThEsE yEaRs. HoWeVeR, i ThInK i'Ve DoNe EnOuGh In ThIs PlAcE. GoOdByE." the screen says. Once he left, all of AJHQ went dark and powerless. They just sat shock.