This contains some gory and supernatural themes and murderous themes please continue at your own risk!

Eyeless was a magenta arctic wolf, he was born with blank sockets a condition were he/she are born with no eyes only sockets, His mother, father and other siblings called him Eyeless because he had no eyes. He couldn't see anything when he went to school for the disabled he heard a beautiful voice, he imagined a beautiful creature,similar to an arctic wolf but with a seals tail and no hind legs that was ice blue. he thought that no one would love him, with no eyes like his family so day and night he'll make a potion that gives him eyes but  it went fatality wrong, instead of two eyes he one giant eye covering his would face he ran back to school and confessed his love to her but she replied, I loved you with no eyes, b-b-but I did this for you.. he stuttered he ran down into his lair with his for loyal phantoms, sobbing on the floor between his phantoms and sometimes scream I DID THIS FOR YOU ICE! the cry goes under the school and haunts ice...

As the school was knocked down and replace with Jamaa township many say according to legend if you play at midnight, and your an icy blue arctic wolf and have a icy blue seal and you play at 1 am, your seal and arctic wolf be gone but in his den he cut of the arctic wolf's hind legs and tail and cut off the seal's tail he will tranquilize your arctic mer-seal will become a plushie and be put on a self and be dressed up. With your item that it was wearing... Ice was one of his victims, she lays on golden stool with, 'My first love' under it Many say this is false and made-up but no noe who tries lives to tell the tail, Will you give it try?