Hello. Enchanted ArcticWolf here, to tell you a story. Never forget it.

I wanted a headdress, very badly. More badly then you have ever wanted an AJ item. Trust me. But every trade was declined. I traded lots of spikes one time, and guess what? DECLINED! It's so unfair. So one day, I wanted to hack into the humans' game. Steal the headdress from the jammers who declined my trades. They would see what it felt like. Rejected.

So one day, I finally fixed up a portal to get into the code. I got the username and passwords of all those jammers. One day, I spawned in Jamaa again. My new blue headdress on me. I saw this jammer, with the username of "Lostforeverandeveragain" and their name was Awesome SunnyBrave. They had no eyes. At this point, I felt like I was going to black out. I took a deep breath, and the jammer turned around. I fainted.

I woke up in the Medical Center. "What happened?" I asked. I felt dazed. "You blacked out." Said a doctor. I had to tell them about Lostforeverandeveragain. "I fainted because I found this jammer. Lostforeverandeveragain. He was all black with no eyes." I said. "The Lost is just a myth." Said the doctor. "So don't black out about that again."

I rolled my eyes. A myth? Come on, shouldn't my doctor believe me!? I was a trustworthy jammer, other then the fact that I hacked. I exited. But Kimbara was not normal. Jammers were shouting: "I was scammed!" It was Lostforeverandeveragain, right? I took it easy. It might of been just one of those everyday scammers. I wasn't going to worry.