I was my arctic wolf, Enchanted Arcticwolf, in Jamaa Township. This day was very exciting for me. Because one of my favorite animals, a cat, was coming out. I rushed to the diamond shop. I picked up my cat, but the colors were not normal. The color it came with was red, and who in the world has seen a red cat? (Yes, cats are orange, but I'm not referring to those.) I couldn't change the color. No matter how many times I clicked a realistic color, it wouldn't work. This was the same problem for my friend, who had also bought a new cat. "Is this a virus?" I said through Animal Jam, after exiting my menu. "Idk." Replied my friend, who was also a warrior cat roleplayer. My whole Clan had wanted cats, it was the best thing ever to happen to us. Had someone hacked Animal Jam's files? Everyone who had a cat was red, and all screaming in terror. The cat had no eyes, just some more red where they should be. By that afternoon, everybody was logged off, because of the terror. Turns out in All of the AJ blogs, it says Fman122 had hacked the original cat files and made them scary. Animal Jam was a kids game! How could someone do that to all the innocent kids who loved cats? None of the players had done anything wrong, and Fman needed no revenge. Cats were the best thing ever to me, so did he want... Me? I had never seen him or attacked him. Why would he want this? I logged back onto AJ the next morning, and to my surprise, my cat was gone. I rebought it, and this time the default was a white cat. I changed to blue-gray, the color of my roleplay cat. Everything was normal, and me and my friends could continue this Clan is peace. I roleplayed in my Clan for a while, until I had to go. I listened to some of my favorite songs (Work From Home, Lean On, Etc.) And then logged back on. I was changed into my Arctic Wolf, but I still had my items. It was probably a glitch. I turned back into my cat, who now had on a spike, worn, and elf tail armor (since those were my cat's items), and was fine. I walked around, looking for a roleplay or something. My cat had red eyes, that was a little weird since I had left them blue. I changed back to blue eyes, figuring it was another glitch since I had played Falling Phantoms, witch has that glitch. I decided to ignore it, but when I went to Mt. Shiveer, I could go into the cave. There were icicles, their tips glinting. There were lots of different rooms, like a home. They had pictures of the new cats in them. But the thing is, the cats were all dead, witch offended me quite a bit. Learn to respect cat lovers, I said through AJ. I continued down the passage. There were dead cat bodies, decaying. I hated that, and I wish I had discovered this sooner so I could save them all. (Really I love cats so much. I hate writing this part, but what's a creepypasta without... Creepyness?) I continued to walk, far. There was a room with trapped alive cats. I broke in easily. I told them to follow me, so they did. We ran and ran. I wanted to leave this stupid cave, with the stupid cat haters. I led them to safety, and I was glad I did. I was rewarded a headdress and a spiked wristband to complete my outfit.

By Hollytuft, the cat who hated writing this.