Have you ever been on Animal Jam and noticed that somebody was in your den? You know, you heard the doorbell sound? And when you've finally gotten into your den, you see nobody? No matter how many times you switch between dens?

Well, I've got the explanation for that.

Animal Jam HQ was trying to come out with a new technology. One that would make players feel a lot more connected. It was hopefully going to be the beginning of a new technology that other gaming businesses would inhabit. 

The invention was similar to the Oculus Rift. Yet much, much smaller. It was going to be slightly less expensive as well. They weren't in this for the money, but more to see how much happier the Jammer's were while using this device.

There were several days of blueprints and discussing over lunch breaks about the design and operation of this device. Hell, they haven't even made a name for this one yet. 

They had suggestions like:

Neoteric United

Distinct Requited

Dewy Conjunct

They did end up choosing a name. The device would be called "Ultramodern Conjoint". This device would give the player the ability to have the point of view the animal of their choice had, they'd hear what the animal heard, and they'd feel vibrations when interacting with other items in the game. The gloves would become heavier as they lifted an item or placed an item on their animal.

After almost a year of trial and error, one replica they were certain about came into testing. A member of AJHQ has been dying to test it since the birth of the idea. It finally came the time for him to test it. He put on the gloves that ran up to his shoulders, put on the clear glasses, put in the earbuds that attached to the side of the glasses.

Besides minor bugs and items being out of place or slightly different, it ran smoothly. The gloves weren't so fast to respond, but it's just a test after all.  But...something went wrong. The tester froze up. He began to shake very violently, yet subtly. His eyes widened and his pupils were small as can be. Blood launched from his mouth, down his face and dried onto his chest. He finally collapsed, the machine still malfunctioning. Nobody dared to touch him. They only were to watch in horror while frantically calling for help.

Oh... I don't think I need to say anymore from here. You can probably fill in the pieces from here. Be sure to respect him when he's checking on you.