The new llama

I woke up so early today so I could see the new update on animal jam. I saw that the new animal came out! I was in a trance between the statue behind it and the weird picture of it. I went to by inventory and put on a tan headdress. I clicked the red long and some elf bracelets. I clicked den and started decorating. I looked at the Cami frog with no eyes. I felt as if it was glitched. Why would this thing be glitched? I told my mom about the creepy Cami. She said it was just a game and I had to live with it. I started to scam peoples spikes and headdresses. I loved to scam people. It made my day when they cried and said i'm gonna tell ajhq and my mom! I would throw my head back and laugh. Until one day I scammed this non member bunny. Like 12 people got scammed in one day, but this one topped all their trades. It was 5 black longs, 2 Red longs, every headdress, every short and long, and all the glitched items in animal jam (well some). The bunny had (wish this was an option) golden eyes and it was silver. I guess it was a boy but I don't know for sure. I locked my den locking all the heartbroken jammer's out who were crying about their items. When i started to laugh, I got this jam a gram from that bunny I scammed earlier. I read it loudly in a weird voice mocking the bunny. "I hope you enjoy this gift! I love scammers because i'm one! ENJOY OR ELSE!!!" Creepy much huh? I opened up the gift. OMG IT WAS A...A...A HORSE COIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My eyes narrowed as I looked at it. Wait a sec.....I thought these were banned? I shrugged and went to my den. I put the horse coin in the middle and I started to show it off to everyone. Later on in the day, the bunny buddied me and went to my den. He/she told me that animal jam put 1 horse coin in the game and that he/she got it. They said that it was for the new update. I nodded paying a tiny bit of attention. Then, my screen turned black. I yelled to my mom. She didn't answer. I yelled again no answer. "Mom I think this old computer has a bug on it!" When I heard nothing I looked at the computer....

Chapter One: Welcome!



I looked at the computer. There was this yellow glow. I started to walk away from the computer but then, it stopped. Out of nowhere, this sign popped up and said you have been warned! I started to laugh when it went away. I got back on the computer, went on animal jam, logged on, and went to jamma township. I said, "Spike giveaway my den!" About 33 people came. When i went to my den my animal fell. Jammers started to laugh and said mean things. Some jammers said bye bye. Another jammer said,"You have been warned." I looked up and saw that bunny I scammed. Everyone left. My screen turned yellow again. It made me fall asleep. When I woke up, I was in a bed. The bed wasn't mine. The house wasn't either. No one was there but me. I saw the computer on the night stand beside me. I picked it up and started to play. I found my animal in this dark, scary room. I started to move it around until I bumped into this arctic wolf. I heard a little laugh. The arctic wolf turned on the light. My jaw fell open. "Your Lilacpetal right? The one and only!" "Yep I sure am!" "Sorry 'bout that." I said. "It's fine." she replied. "So.....What Brought you here?" she asked me. I stayed a little quiet. "Oh let me guess... You scammed that bunny huh?" I nodded to lilac. "Oh, Me too!" she said. I Looked down. "How do we get out?" I asked. "Ummmmmm idk." lilac said in a confused way. "Let's just look around k?" lilac said to me. I nodded.

Chapter Two: Found it!

The-Phantom-Portal Prize Phantom-Pipe


I searched down below the phantoms pipes and in them. This new update has been a pain.Lilac looked in the basement. "I found it!" lilac said. I ran over to her. "Cool." I said. "Well, since you have been here longer, what do you do with it?" I asked lilac. She was silent. My eyes narrowed. "WELL THEN. I CAME HERE CAUSE I SCAMMED. YOU CAME BECAUSE YOUR FAMOUS. WHAT DO WE EVEN DO????????!" "Lay around watching my youtube videos?" asked lilac. I rolled my eyes. It's hopeless. I'm stuck with a noob in here while i'm lost in a new house. Lilac started singing. "La la la la la la la la la la la la la-." "BE QUIET AHHHH!" I screamed at her. "Ok Mrs. Grumpy." lilac whispered. I turned on the tv. "Good morning jamaa! Today I have some good and bad news. Lilacpetal and Rosy111 have been sucked into this new portal. We found out rosy went around scamming other people. Rosy scammed a non member bunny who seemed to be really rare. Lilacpetal had more subscribers then Aparri! So Aparri banished lilac into that weird new world. BE AWARE NOT TO MESS WITH WEIRDO APARRI AND BANNER THE BUNNY!!!" I looked at lilac. "Weirdo aparri?" I said. Lilac just started laughing. Talk about weirdo lilac I thought. This just got weirder and weirder. I sat on the old couch and watched some tv while lilac tried to fix the house up and fix the car.

Chapter Three: The new "friend"

I heard this weird thump. I looked over and saw lilac on the floor. I shrugged and looked back at the tv. "Oh dear my, i'm so sorry sweetie!" this new bunny said. I turned around facing the bunny. She was cute. I knew we were gonna be friends, better friends then lilac. "Um how did this happen to all of us?" asked the bunny. I shrugged. "Maybe the new update." I heard lilac say. The new update. THAT'S IT! The new update is how all this crazy stuff happened. I nodded. "Sorry I fell into you." the little bunny said. "It's fine." lilac said under her breath. "Oh by the way i'm Daisy." "I'm lilac." "I'm rosy!" "Nice to meet you!" we all said. I laughed and then stopped eyeing the tv. Daisy took the cork and walked outside with it. A couple minutes later she came back without the cork. "Hey guys follow me! I used that cork to plug that phantom pipe!" Daisy said. "Sure." me and lilac said. We both followed daisy over to the river. Daisy went first just in case it wasn't safe. I went second. Lilac third. "Lets search around this island for stuff!" I said in a stern but fun voice. We didn't find anything besides phantoms. "Found it!" said Daisy. Me and lilac ran over to Daisy. "Now let me find the plug." she said. Me and lilac shrugged. I sat by the river and started to skip rocks. Who are we gonna meet in this world??? I was the second. It's been hard ever since I came here. Meeting lilac, getting to be friends. Now i'm stuck here forever. "We got it! Come on rosy!" said lilac. I walked over the river first this time. We all stopped and looked at the river...

Chapter Four: It's gonna happen every day

We all looked at the river. "Oh my!" said Daisy. I rushed over to the side of the river, I picked up the Hyena and put it on land. Kinda weird to see a Hyena in a river. I took the cloth from the warm cookies Daisy got and I put it on the Hyena's back. I then walked back about 5 steps. "Umm." I heard lilac say. "I have a headache!" lilac said again. Before anyone knew it, lilac fainted. "EEK!" screamed Daisy. I looked at them both. "Daisy take the Hyena, i'll take lilac." Daisy nodded. I picked up lilac by her paws and dragged her across the smooth river part. Daisy copied. We went to the new world and put them both down. We both stopped to take a break. The Hyena started to talk. "wh- Wha- What happened? Where am I?" said the Hyena. I shrugged. "Hi we found you at the river!" Daisy said. "Oh um thank you." said the Hyena. "I'm Jonah." "Cool i'm Rosy. The one on the ground is lilac. And the sweat bunny is Daisy." "Oh ok." Jonah said. I started to look for the cork. "wait!" I heard Jonah yell. I whipped my head around, "Yeah?" "Can I come with you?" "Oh um sure Jonah." "thank you!" I looked at the ground for a second. I can understand that he doesn't wan't to watch lilac and stay with Daisy, but me? A couple minutes later, I saw Jonah behind me searching for the cork. We didn't talk much. Well, who would? When I looked behind me again, Jonah was gone. I heard a weird scream...

Chapter Five: The invasion

I gulped. Where did Jonah go?? I ran back to our house. Lilac and Daisy were cleaning. Daisy looked up at me. "Hey Rosy!" "Hey Daisy." "What's wrong?" asked lilac. I took a big breath and started to talk. "Jonah disappeared!" Lilac's jaw dropped. I watched lilac run into the woods. Like 2 hours later she came back with Jonah. He looked tired. "Phantoms are invading!" he said. I shrugged and walked off into the woods.

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