There was a time in Animal Jam, on the first day of beta testing, there were creepy rooms. You had to do a glitch to get there. They had one that replaced each land.

Jamaa Township:

"Dead Room."

In Dead Room, it was not normal. If you went there, you would see your animals head cut off and put on normally where Jammer Central would be. If you made it to the Mira Statue, Mira would be worn down old and broken with blood all over her. If you escaped into the shops, then they would have these items for clothing:

"Dead Animal."

It was a dead, rotting animal, if you clicked the color change, it would be a selection of different animals. If you bought one, it would be stuck on your back.


It was red stuff. If you bought it, it would consume your animal.

That was all for clothing, and I don't even want to talk about the den shop. It's grosser then the clothing!

It would not let you cross the bridges. The bridges would have missing planks, and if you stepped on it, then the bridge would creak and fall. An sign would appear saying: "You died! Revive or stay dead." It would stay until you clicked an option.

The floor was all bloody, and if you stepped on it, you would have blood on your paws.

Sarepia Forest:

"Death Forest."

When you first stepped in, you would see the tress creaking in the wind, and if they were close enough, they would fall on you. The fire would be spreading through the forest, and if you stepped in, you die. The same sign would pop up like the bridges. If you escaped onto the planks, you would have to step carefully. Some planks would be old. If you stepped on an old one, you fall, and die. The flag shop's flags are torn down and replaced by new ones. Here they are:

"Death Flag."

It had an Animal Skull on it, and if you clicked the color change, different animal skulls would show up. These were decaying, and rotten. If you clicked on it, it would be automatically placed in your den.

That was the only one, strangely.

If you go to the theater, the popcorn machine will be torn down with blood all over it. You would be creeped out at this point, if you escaped another room.

Kimbara Outback:

"Broken Back."

You would be in a large graveyard. They were the graves of animals. They had names written on them, like this:

"Fauna MagicMoon."

And that. Some say these scenes were a hack, but no they weren't.

I don't want to explain the other rooms; I'll explain who made them. It was one of the AJHQ animators. He wanted kids to see what happened in the real world. If you looked up, the server would be called: "Death." And if you tried to switch, the other servers would be blank. And if you clicked, it would do nothing.

He put these things, because he wanted the directors to see what this game should be. It was no longer Animal Jam, it was "Death Jam." Everyone who had seen these servers reported it, but AJHQ said it was a hack, even though they had included every last scrap of detail.

And how do I know this? My friend, who has played since the beta days, told me. He has done the glitch, but he doesn't exactly know how. Now, go play Animal Jam, enjoy it while you have it.