Hello, my name is Arctic SunnyClaws. Im here to tell you a story, not a regular story but the story of MY LIFE. I was a nonmember back then in 2013, Members teased me about how they got membership and how they are better then me. When they left...The feeling of hatred surrounded me, I had to do something about it. Your not going to let a idiotic member bully you, Right?. On November 20th 2013, I got my membership but i was still thinking of those brats. I knew their usernames: Pennymiddlecute, Heroicstar19 and PandaRock1821, All of them were my greatest fear until when the day came. Penny, Heroic and PandaRock were on an adventure, i was so eager to hack into the adventure and turn it into a terrifying nightmare. I finally found a program to do this, i was just a kid thou and this meant i did not have hacking skills but who cares? I hacked into the adventure and added gore and corpses. Penny Heroic and PandaRock had no idea whats coming for em'. They went into the cave, they gagged as they saw corpses hanging with ropes around their necks. I quickly ran out from my hiding spot. My arctic wolf looked tortured. It had red liqiud simulating blood which ran down its cheeks, the eye sockets were black and the pupils were really small and they were blood red. He was the element of HATRED. He attacked them with his magic and destroyed them with black magic. Every Jammer bowed down to him and his name. They worshipped him and brang him whatever he wanted. I am now coming for you...YOU ARE NEXT.

Me: Also why are you racist?

Arctic: IM NOT RACIST!!!

Me: yes u areeeee