There is a myth in Jamaa that is undisclosed and suppressed. This myth is known as the goat myth and is said to only be accessible in the “Make A New Animal” option. Apparently, this small addition to Animal Jam can only be obtained during the season of winter, when it is snowing heavily and the wind is howling as the land is shrouded in the shadows of the night. The proclaimed encounters have only seemed to happen around the time when Animal Jam has a daily update and it seems that only one person can do it at a time and can only do it once.

To launch this hidden feature, you have to be in your den by yourself and you have to have the “Switch Animal” option open. You have to click on the last “Make A New Animal” tab, then close out of it and repeat. If you repeat these actions with great abundance for an acceptable amount of time you will eventually obtain the hidden option of a brand new animal. The animal, as you would’ve guessed by now, is a mountain goat.

The goat is described as a grey-white color with greyish-yellow horns. It has a studded height and default pitch black eyes. Unlike the other animals, this one wears a Jamaaliday scarf around its neck in its picture which is said to vary in color between users. The background around it shows it on a mountainous snowy path. You will also notice that there is no “choose animal” icon for the goat so if you consider choosing a different animal, know that it’ll be very hard to select the goat again. This animal is known among the Jammers who have been through this as Sleeping Frozenpaw. This is because when you go to the naming process, the name is set and no matter how much you try to change it by pressing on those arrows, it will always be “Sleeping Frozenpaw”.

By this time, you will be hesitant on creating this animal. There will be that feeling in your gut that something is not right, that “don’t do it” feeling. Despite your instincts, your curiosity will get the best of you and you will bring this animal back into existence. When you switch to Sleeping, you will notice that it looks just like any other common animal. Its actions and walk cycle are considered what you’d expect from an Animal Jam goat. There is one problem that you might notice with the character though. When you go to customize it, you will be unable to make any changes to its default design and the only item you can add onto it is the Jamaaliday scarf that will be given to you when you create Sleeping. The scarf will be the same color as the one you saw in the picture.

If you decide to switch out into another animal or log out, Sleeping will simply disappear from your list of animals without a trace and the experience will be over. If a friend comes in, they will not see the goat and will instead see the animal you were playing as last time. If you decide to continue, you are allowed to leave your den and explore Jamaa. Just be warned, after you leave your den no one will be allowed to follow you.

As you click on the globe/map, you will automatically be teleported to Jamaa Township. When you arrive, the first thing you will notice is the scenery of the place. It will be similar to the weather outside your home, dark and snowy. There will be no one there except for you in the uncharted server known as Tempest. The doors to the buildings will be caved in as the buildings themselves are snow-covered and decaying. The feeling of abandonment will set in and you will feel your hands sweat as you start to move Sleeping. The ground will be covered in a blanket of snow and there will be no music playing. The only audio available will be the sound of the snowy wind blowing and the crunching of the snow as you move Sleeping around to observe the area.

You will be unable to go to any other place besides Mount Shiveer and the Adventure Base Camp. As you arrive to Mount Shiveer, the wind will pick up and you will find yourself in a blizzard as you notice that the screen is hardly visible. You might eventually see Sleeping in the blizzard and will notice that when you move him, he will only be able to walk slowly. At this point in time, you might decide “hey, I’m going to try to change animals”, frantically opening up the “switch animal” option only to discover that all your animals are gone and the option to create new ones are blocked off. You are stuck as Sleeping for the remainder of the experience. As you explore, you’ll note that the cocoa hut has been torn down, bricks and rotting fabric scattered across the zone.

Nothing is really different at the Adventure Base Camp, except that all the portals will be broken down and will cease to work. You cannot access any of the other adventures during this time but there will also be a new sign near the deteriorated remains of “Return of the Phantoms” that will lead to a new adventure. Allegedly, the adventure is called "Snowfall Ridge", and when you get there, the weather will be the same as it was in Jamaa Township. You will be on a path in the woods that leads to a mountainous area that you must explore.

As you make your way down the path, you will notice a small collection of abandoned items dispersed in the snow. They are worn down and tattered to the point where you will barely recognize what the items were. As you continue down the path, the feeling of anxiousness only gets worse as you as if something’s creeping up on you, ready to pounce you at any moment with its dark intentions. You might shudder at the thought of being observed like some kind of mouse being hunted by a sly predator. At this point you will also acknowledge that Sleeping’s health is slowly declining due to the weather, giving you the dark impression that he will succumb to the frigid cold soon if you don’t do something.

A chill will go down your spine as you get to the trail that ascends up the mountainous region; your hands will start to shake at the anticipation. Something’s up there and you can feel it, but there’s no other way around unless you want to quit. Some of the Jammers that have played this far usually stop when they reach this point, saying that they could no longer bear the aura that they were receiving from the game. The Jammers that have continued gave a more detailed description of the ridge. If you decide to go up the trail, despite your fear, then that you will soon pass a dark, eerie cave. The cave cannot be entered at the moment so there’s no other option then to go up to the top. The snow will start to pick up again at this moment and if you manage to make it up to the top, you will come across some sort of overcast clearing.

The worn down items are said to be abundant here and there are many stones of different sizes that are covered in the blizzard’s tears. Approaching them will result in the paw button popping up. If you click on the buttons the snow will be brushed to the side revealing their true intentions. From what people have said, they are suspected to be the tombstones of Jammers who have been permanently banned.

The tombstones, however, are not the most unnerving aspect of the place. Supposedly, Jammers have gotten more intimidated by the statues surrounding the area, and for good reason. The statues are in the forms of all the animals available in Jamaa. They are described as a solid blue color, similar to how you can roll in Appondale’s mud and go to a snow fort or the penguin party to turn blue. Jammers have specified that the bizarre statues are laid out in an almost complete circle around the graveyard and give off the most awful sensations of unease. There is a portal in the middle of the graveyard that is assumed to be the exit, but it has also collapsed and some of the parts are missing; leaving you to believe that there is no exit out of the gloomy world.

There is nothing else to really do up at the clearing and you are allowed to go back down the trail. This is when Jammers are allowed to enter the cave and it has been concluded that there are many different endings to the adventure. The theory is that the Jamaaliday scarf that you obtained at the beginning depicts what will happen to Sleeping. Some of them remain shrouded in mystery so some of the information may be inaccurate.

The Lilac-grey scarf is seen as one of the creepiest ending because it results in Sleeping going deep into the cave. As you descend into the cave, it gets pitch black and you hear faint whispering behind you. You will hear the sound of Sleeping supposedly being knocked out or killed, this being implied when all his hearts go out at once due to the sound. It is then followed by a slow dragging noise. Jammers have said that they felt a dreadful presence outside their house when the dragging started and felt like they were being watched. About a minute in, the dragging stops and the screen goes back to the clearing where you’ll see the statue of a goat, completing the circle. The scarf is tied to the branch of a tree and is blowing in the wind. The adventure apparently ends here. Many Jammers have said that the eerie presence outside their house continued for the remainder of the night after playing the adventure.

The brown scarf adventure results in going back to the clearing to search around more for an exit. Eventually, you will find a hidden trail and go down it, leading to another forest. When you go into the forest you will hear something following you, branches around you will make a snapping sound off-screen and will get a feeling of dread as you make your way down the road. After about five minutes of being bombarded with ominous sounds, you will eventually reach a secret portal where the adventure ends and you will get a prize. Everyone that has played the part of the brown scarf so far have said that they’ve gotten a rare or beta for a prize. Jammers reported that they heard creepy noises around their homes after playing the adventure and felt like something was trying to get in.

The black scarf puts Sleeping in the position of a mini-adventure where the broken down portal is clickable. You will get a message telling you to find the remaining parts of the broken portal in a certain amount of time. Various parts can be found around the map and you are required to search every area that is available to you. It is advised to go back to the beginning to start collecting and check the cave out later. The parts appear to be hidden in random places around the map every time the adventure is played so check carefully. Sleeping’s health will also decline slowly in the amount of time you have. When you start searching the cave, be very careful. Unlike the lilac-grey adventure, you will obtain a torch when you reach the cave but it is crawling with what are said to be phantoms that will chased you relentlessly inside and outside of the cave. If you lose your health to the phantoms or run out of time, which is when Sleeping’s health will be gone, the screen will darken and you’ll hear a heavy breathing coming from within your home that will follow you all around the house. Nothing has been seen yet but you should try to complete the adventure to the best of your abilities or you might hear it the whole night through. If you do manage to fix the portal, the adventure will be completed, you’ll get a prize and will seemingly be okay for the remainder of the night.

The pink scarf has weird results. You will try to find a way out but will be given no options. After searching for a bit, Jammers have exclaimed how the game gets glitchy, which led to the belief that the pink version was never truly finished. Everything starts to become distorted and will begin to disappear. Even Sleeping will start to become invisible and parts of its body will start to disappear. You will be allowed to go out of the adventure’s boundaries, only to be greeted by many colored glitch patches. The game will usually crash or freeze, causing you to refresh or exit out of the page. Jammers have noted that it is usually easier to do glitches in the game after this has happened.

The violet scarf adventure is similar to the black scarf adventure except that one must deal with the graveyard instead. When you click on one of the tombstones a second time it will give you information about the about the banned Jammer, such as their user and random accessories that belonged to them. You must retrieve these items by searching for them in the snow within twelve minutes. None of the Jammers that have been spoken to manage to complete this quest and explain that when time runs out. Sleeping’s health will simply vanish and it will drop into the sleeping action as they are kicked out of the adventure. It is rumored, however, that this might be a way to un-ban someone’s account.

The cyan scarf relates to discovering a bridge around the clearing that is assumed to lead to the bottom of the cliff though nobody has completely made it through the whole bridge. As Jammers have made their way down the bridge they were overwhelmed by anxiety and would start to sweat because the bridge looked ragged and old. The bridge will apparently break at any random moment one is on it but the results are different. If you haven’t made it halfway through when it breaks you will be exited out of the adventure. If it breaks when you’re almost to the bottom you will find a portal and treasure chest with a prize inside and you can leave. If you’re halfway through, it is depicted on how much health Sleeping has left. Jammers have said that upon going to sleep they would have nightmares of falling from heights regardless of how it ended.

There is little information about the aqua scarf except that it has to deal with finding another hidden path to an area with a seemingly frozen pond. Jammers have exclaimed that the temperature in their homes drop dramatically during this version of the adventure and remain that way for the rest of the night. Jammers have also said that they were finding extremely cold wet spots on their floors and carpets. It is almost unknown what the red scarf does because the Jammers who’ve had the red scarf don’t want to talk about the experience. It is supposedly the most scary and gruesome out of all of the endings and some of them even stopped playing the game afterward. They have advised that if you get the red scarf to not continue playing as Sleeping at all and to abort the game or to refresh the page.

It doesn’t matter what scarf you got and when you finish the adventure, the game will go back to normal. You will appear in your den or in a populated Jamaa township as the animal you were playing as before Sleeping. All of your animals will return but Sleeping will be nowhere in sight. If you were rewarded with a prize you get to keep it, but the scarf will be gone. Though the game goes back to normal, keep in mind the after effects it can have on you and your account.