Chapter 1 (News Flash)

A news reporter named Luck sat down at his desk to start a broadcast

"Breaking news Jamaa! Investigators found the dead body of an otter by the name of Rosy was found in her den. A cryptic message was found in a weird cipher.... Here is the message"

The screen showed the picture of the message that the killer left in marker. It said

Tnih a dnif dna ydob eht tcessid

Lucky looked at his papers

"When reversed, it says ' Dissect the body and find a hint'. The Investigators dissected the body and found a jam a gram. When read, it said 'Follow my trail, I'm quite the trickster, make sure not to fail, or something will happen to your sister'"

Chapter 2 (Investigator's view)

I was terrified to see such a note.... Especially since my sister always thought I was too superstitious, which would make her believe that I was lying, But this was no joke. I had went home later, the note still lingering in my mind. My sister Snowflake was sitting on the couch when he came home. She noticed him come in

"How was work, Major?", Snowflake asked.

"Good....", He sighed

"Something is wrong. I can see it", Snowflake said looking him in the eyes.

"It's... It's just that note-", Major was interrupted by Snowflake.

"Yeah, yeah, you know the news sometimes likes to cause havoc, you don't have to fear for me.", Snowflake said snorting.

Chapter 3 (Night)

Major was restless, unable to sleep for a few hours. When he was about to fall asleep, he heard a bloodcurdling scream from Snowflake's Room. Major leapt out of his bead.

"SNOWFLAKE!", He screamed.

But Snowflake was on the ground, and he could see stitches on her chest.

"He was right...." Major's voice cracked as he started to sob.

The Jam-a-Gram killer struck again.

Chapter 3 (Next day)

Major found his partner and brought him to the house.

"Look at this...", Major said staring at Snowflake's body.

His partner, Lieutenant grabbed a knife and cut snowflake's body open. Of course, there was a note in there. Major read the note out loud:

"Come on Major, there's no time to pout, cause' soon, time will run out."

Major stared wide eyed at the note, shocked that the killer knew his name.

"Well, let's clean this up", Lieutenant said nonchalantly.

Major was suspicious about how calm Lieutenant was.

Chapter 4 (Night 2)

Major was able to sleep a little better that night, he was still anxious, but had took some melatonin. His window was directly in front of his bed. He woke up that night after hearing a loud sound. He looked out his window to see the shape of an arctic wolf, just like Lieutenant. He got up quickly and grabbed a knife. The shadow bursted in and lunged at him. Major managed to shock the shadow with a cut. In that time he grabbed the mask that the shadow wore and ripped it off.

"Lieutenant!", He screamed, frozen in shock.

"Too late, Major, you didn't crack the case!"

Lieutenant lunged at Major and cut open his chest, stuffing a Jam-a-Gram inside, then stitching his chest shut.

Chapter 5 (Day 3)

Lieutenant arrived at Major's house on his "Job". He ripped open Major and read the note he created:

"The clock reached 1, and my job is done."

Lieutenant laughed maniacally.

Epilogue (News Flash)

Lucky was back on broadcast.

"Breaking news Jamaa! The Jam-a-Gram killer has been found! After the disappearance of 3 people, a group of investigators found the killer to be LIeutenant MightyPaw. He has since been sentenced to a life in jail."