Ever heard of the Lost Jammer? I have. He will do ANYTHING, ANYTHING in the world to get his paws on items. But what was the aggervation, was, AJHQ deleted his account. So, he made a new one. He called it: "Hackhack003" he joined Animal Jam. Peck and the intro popped up. Because he was a hacker, he was able to type: "Peck, I don't have any stupid time for this." But, Peck's eyes saddened. "You will," she said. The Lost Jammer jumped in his chair. How could this alpha talk? Fman122, his enemy, must be standing there. With Recycledbeards. He unleashed a growl into their speakers. "Oh, you figured it out." Said Peck. She showed a meancing smile. The Lost Jammer took out a sword, and got Peck. He burst into Jamaa, ready to scam and hack. See the faces of children crying. Screaming, when there was nothing they could do. He said: "List giveaway my den!" About 100 people showed up, considering he had started out with rares since he was a hacker, again. But someone noticed. "Your username is Hackhack003." The Lost Jammer let out a groan in real life. "Oh, I'm a hacker fan." He replied with quick thinking. He said: "Just spread out, so I can gift you my list." They spread out, their animal's eyes seeming to shine. He picked a random user. She was a rare arctic wolf. Her username was headdressshine. "Headdress shine!" He pretended to be a normal jammer, so no one would suspect him. He was a non-member, so real jammer non-members could only type that with spaces. "Oh, yay!" She replied. He clicked her nametag, and got her password. He went in to her account, and stole EVERYTHING. He deleted her account after that, and that email so she couldn't spread the word. The Lost Jammer was a hacker again. But of course, it would be all over YouTube my tomorrow. So he would hack and scam while he could. In the day, he got a spike, headdresses, spiked wristbands, rare necklaces, worns, and blah blah blah. He was having a good day. That night, he checked YouTube. There were thousands of videos about him. But they couldn't do anything. Be careful, because "Hackhack003" is doing his best to hide that he scams and hacks. Beware, hackhack003.