Authors Note

this may not be scary for some jammers.

chapter one

I logged onto animaljam just like any normal day. Did the daily spin, talk with my buddies, all that kinda stuff. I found a jammer I could trade with that eventually became my friend, and he was very nice to me, and I was very nice to him. I turned on my favorite song. I loved playing with my friend, listening to music, even though I was a nonmember. I didn't care about the nonmembers and members. Jammers bullying me for being a member I ignored and kept playing animal jam. Everyone wanted to be near me.

I was a very happy jammer, I played animal jam like any normal jammer. I mean, I am so happy I'm animal jam, why would I hate animal jam if I was so happy and I loved this game? I have no idea why I wouldn't hate animal jam! Animal jam is such a fun game!

Soon, I became the most known jammer in the game. Actually I wasn't but I WAS very popular. Many jammers wanted to get near me, or send me fanmail. I was probably popular because of me being kind and nice and avoiding the bullies. I was ESPECIALLY famous among nonmembers, because I was a nonmember, too. I had grown popularity over the days and weeks, and even though I loved my fans dearly, I didn't really like this much attention. Although I did get used to it.

chapter two

One day, I decided to not play animal jam. My fans were waiting for me there, and animal jam was my favorite game. It was too much. I did play animal jam, but I made a new account. It was easy to make this account, because it was a new one, and I wasn't new. I bought a necklace. The necklace was cool, until I noticed, I had a Magenta Necklace.

I put it on my trade list. Many jammers traded me betas, and many scammers traded me as well. My brother was also online, and so I buddied him. He declined. I yelled that I was the new jammer. He accepted my buddy request. Suddenly, I had no wi-fi. Then the wi-fi turned back on. When the wi-fi turned back on, the slenderman was on my screen for a split second, very fast. Then I was in this dark room with a bunch of doors that creeped me out. The worst thing was I saw tentacles out of one of the doors, then the next door, and the next, the next,