I was bored, so I decided to go on AJ. It loaded normally. I wanted to go to Aldan, but as I clicked settings, the server I was in was called "Deleted-Server-01" ok, creepy. I wanted to look around this Deleted Server. It turns out, this was a beta testing server. But something went very wrong. If you end up in this server, you are doomed. I would not believe such a myth. But I was wrong. Everything seemed fine on my First Day, I bought a headdress, some spikes, a Cami's Frog, and all your betas. The next day, I was spawned in Deleted Server again. But this time, the loading screen flashed with pictures of my animals dying. Their horrible deaths. Once I was spawned, there were decaying animals everywhere. There was a path, witch would normally lead you to the Mira Statue, but this one was long. I led my animal down twists and turns. I was lead to what looked like a factory. There were decapitated animals, and cut-off-paws. The ones that were alive were wailing, I did not blame them. They were fellow users, I had to get them out while I was not noticed. They said "We got a message saying we would be killed soon." They explained. I looked at all the trophies this hacker kept. These were horrible trophies. Soon, I saw a black figure behind my animal. It had a knife in its mouth. It cut my animal's head off. It sent me that message. I was creeped out, I made the wrong choice to stay on this server. My settings button was gray though, and so was the log out. My now decapitated animal was taken to a wheel. It put the head on the shelf that said "Arctic Wolf." Along with it's other trophies. My animal's paws were cut off. The switch animal button was gray, I was stuck dead.

If you are spawned in Deleted-Server-02 do not stay.