"Hey king! Lets watch a mov-" Major was about to ask but froze... for the blob.... king screaming in agony major stared ta the blob before being sallowed... ALIVE.. dead just gone... the more victims it eats... more it goes red at this stage it was tomato red. It movig in the streets turning more redder and redder as it genfuls its victims just sallowed and devored... dissloved and distored the innocent animals there was no left on the streets the blob roamed.. untill he saw two teenage he stalked thwm untill the blob was close thee girls ran into a cold meat thing hiding... he started oozing under until the blobs tempqrture starting going gravely below normal the watched in horror as it only manged you suck her friend undert the door and disloved her body and engulfed hrr body she waited and waited.... until it was gone


So now incase u didn't know that this was inspired by a horror movie!