You are ina libray in the afternoon and its october 31st you are in the horror section but this one book catches your eye the crimson cover in golden writing says "keeper of the bloodymoon" you pick the book you read the back it syas its all true but their no such thing as a bloody moon but their a such thing as a blood moon. You turn the page over feeling accient pages reading the font. you see at the bottom of the page aha! An animal jam code Bloodymoon the code unlocks The Blood Factor as you go to the libray conter the librain says: Are you sure u wanna borrow the book? I've heard rumours that it drives you insane you lose your sanity you nod yes and you walk home ona eriee full moon night. Once your home you head to your room to read the book "keeper of the bloodymoon is crimson, he takes the bllod of the misfourtinate souls who read this book, reedem the code to live..." you run to computer reedeming the code a flash of white as you see the crimson cat come and go before your sacerid eyes! your hearth races at the speed of sound you look down ans see only muscle, flesh and blood you look the screen but all your animals are jsut muscle, flesh and blood you see the decomposing animals with blood everywhere you run to a mirror only to see the face red with, blood flesh and a bones your eyes and eye sockets have disapered leaving darkness you look out side to see A blood moon as you run to your room you see your animals skelitons ands orgains you fal to the floor with you muscles diapearing followee by flesh and blood the last thing you heard was evil cakle and " your fate has been seilled and doomed i have gotten your blood!" You hear a scream and then.. your eyes went black... nothing... nothing.. nothing! You wake up a bright place seeing your skin eecobered but arw told by an angel you commited all 7 deadly sins from reading that book BE GONE! as you started to fall your skin wnet red, grew horns and a devils tail...YOU'RE IN HELL. you notice your animals burning in the lava that lay below your feet. Burning. They died once and now twice.Their fur bruning and all of the rares and betas gone. Incinirated. How unlucky.