it all started here..I was at my uncle's house for a while, i decided to leave the house without anybody to lead me home, cause our house was close. I rushed back, opened my comp and started playing Aj, i clicked on the news. It was glowing yellow as if some new animal arrived. And there were pigs! I got very excited, i went to the diamond shop and checked if i have enough diamonds for the pig. I had 20 diamonds (i saved alot), i buyed it without knowing its mysterious secret...I went to one of the parties. But when the party loaded my pig was gone. I was switched into my wolf automaticlly, i was annoyed by this action of the game. I saw if anything else was on the party list. It was a pig party, i tried to switch into my pig but it was gone. Like someone erased it. But i was still curious...Then all of a sudden it teleported me into the pig party, i was a pig. I was not decorated though, i heard the screams of pigs being slaughtered in a distance, there were animal corpses everywhere, "what did i do to deserve this?" i thought. I went deeper into the slaughtering world. There were skulls of pigs and bones etc. Then i saw Peck. She was covered in blood, she was standing by a pig she killed and sewed up the pig like a pillow. She had a wound covering her left eye. She attacked me. With her sharp claws she slashed me on the face, the pigs wound was covered with blood. I watched in horror how my pig was slaughtered and turned into a coat for Peck.

My first creepypasta :D