It was almost 3:30 just as I got onto Animal Jam. Logged in, Gamzee413. I was sent to Jamma Township right away. Just as I was going to trade somebody, I saw an eagle host an adventure for The Forgotten Desert. I quickly canceled my option to trade just to join the adventure. I always find these fun.

After about 5 rounds of the same adventure with the same group, I had left to a different server to check out some other people over there. From Bakoy to Aldan. I always love going to Aldan. It's so lively and there's tons of good trades, but they're nearly impossible to get. I had skipped into the forest, Sarepia Forest to be exact. There was a wolf that spawned at the slide shortly after me. It was a default wolf, y'know.... the look it has right after you buy it. I clicked on the tag, it didn't say "New Jammer" like it usually does. It said "Pangy567" instead. This person has been here for a while, actually. But why wasn't their wolf customized? I looked on their trade only to see a blue heart locket. 

I went to their den to try and guess how long they've been around, but no evidence of anything. The Jammer didn't go to the den like people usually do when notified. It took Pangy a little bit before realizing I was inspecting the place. It wasn't until after a long silence they said...

"Would you like my heart?", Pangy asked. 

"Huh?", I thought. Oh! I guess they were talking about their trade, duh. My mind tends to slip easily. However, I already have a rare heart locket.

"No thanks!", I said.

There was another long silence. To avoid awkwardness, I moved around the den more. Pangy was on my tail.

"Would you like my heart?", Pangy asked again.

"....I said no thank you.", I responded.

Again, more silence. Pangy left shortly after. I checked to see if they were still on, I actually started feeling like a stalker here. They were the default penguin this time. However, I do not remember if the default penguins are supposed to have huge black circles for eyes. Instead of the grey-ish blue, it was a bright blue. They were wearing the locket as well.

Pangy came back and placed a mechanical egg in their den without saying anything. It was the pink one. For those of you who don't know, if you click the egg, a baby mechanical dragon comes out of it in a firey opening as the egg disappears.

Pangy got offline for a little bit, about 5 minutes at most. When they came back, they had edited their penguin to have black lightning bolts on it and a different set of eyes.

Pangy gave the broken heart emoticon to me for no reason, then left the den with the gloomy expression. Just before leaving, they put a spazzing phantom in their den. After this, they logged off.

4:00 PM-

I just opened my email to see something horrific. It was sent from an unknown contact and only had a picture of a person, cut open, hunched over and smiling. They were looking directly at the camera, cringing and smiling. Only to see the caption below:

"Do you want my heart?"

(Sorry if the story sucks, idk what to do)